The Faith Forum for adults takes place in the Parish Centre Hall at St Helen's on the first Sunday of the month at 9.15am. Breakfast items are served from 9am. Illustrated talks are followed by the opportunity for discussion.  The Parish Centre is found at the bottom of the path through the churchyard opposite the North Porch of the church. The Centre is wheelchair accessible.

Faith Forum Spring - Summer 2017



'Your Word is a Lantern to my Feet and a Light upon my Path' (Psalm 119: 105)

The Bible in Christian Ethics

In this five-session series, we will explore how the Bible shapes and supports our ethical formation, deliberation, and decision-making as Christians, with special attention to practical application. We meet on the first Sunday in the month March - July 2017


5th March 2017
Jane Baun

How does Scripture shape and support our ethical thinking? In this introductory session, we discuss how the Bible may be used in ethical reasoning, with attention to the types of moral discourse found in the Bible, the different genres of Biblical literature, and forging our own ethical method.

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2nd April 2017
Jane Baun

How does the Bible help us to form our views on the earliest stage of human life? We will consider different perspectives on the moral status of the embryo, and how the Bible can speak into modern debates about bio-medical issues.


7th May 2017
John Barton

What does the Old Testament add to Christian ethics?
How does the Old Testament supplement or challenge our use of the New Testament and vice versa?


4th June 2017
Charles Miller

‘... good to the Holy Spirit and to us’ (Acts 15.28) –
ethics and the Apostles’ fellowship.
We will consider how ‘the people of the Book’ rely on a charism of teaching within and for the Christian fellowship, cued by the Acts of the Apostles.


2nd July 2017
Charles Miller

‘... good to the Holy Spirit and to us’ (Acts 15.28) –
ethics and the Apostles’ teaching.
Following from the June session, we will look at the Lambeth Conference of bishops and take an example of the bishops’ ministry of moral guidance.


no Faith Forum in August

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Talk begins at 9.15,  discussion follows,  done by 10 am.


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